Johnny Switchblade

Johnny Switchblade


Meet Johnny Switchblade, an innovative and skilled marketer who specializes in video production and promotions in the web3 space. Johnny has an exceptional ability to create engaging and informative videos that help educate and inform viewers about Zena and the crypto industry as a whole.

With extensive YouTube marketing experience, Johnny is a master of the platform and knows how to reach and engage the crypto community. He is highly skilled in video production and able to create videos that are both professional and effective at capturing attention.

As a member of our team, Johnny plays a vital role in creating and executing our video marketing strategy. He is always looking for new and exciting ways to promote our project and the web3 space in general. His natural ability to connect with the crypto community, along with his video production and marketing skills, make him a great addition to our team.

In summary, Johnny Switchblade is a creative and strategic marketer who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team in video production, promotions, and crypto content. We are fortunate to have him on board and confident that his contributions will play a significant role in the success of Zena.

Johnny Switchblade

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