September 26, 2022

Building a Successful Crypto or NFT Community

Building a Successful Crypto or NFT Community

One of the keys to creating a successful product or service is not a complicated concept. It simply requires a zealous and loyal fan base. Many of the brands we know and love have cracked this code, but how do we apply the same blueprint to a crypto or NFT community?

Set a vision and goal

Your project's success is tied directly to a niche community. Find the one you can serve best, then design your project with them in mind. It will expand as it grows in demand, but this way you can be sure that you're providing a solution to a problem that people have real interest in. It needs to make sense: what problem are you solving? Who exactly do you plan on serving? What sets your idea apart from the crowd, and why should they invest their time into your company, vision and goals?

Where to build your community

The majority of Crypto and NFT communities gather on two different platforms — Twitter and Discord — and it's important to know what separates them.

Generally, most project’s operate on two platforms, Twitter and Discord. Twitter is used for broadcasting announcements to the NFT community and anyone interested in following along. It’s a great place to share memes and interact with the team! Encourage participation by holding contests, events and quizzes that are open to everyone.

Discord is a website used to communicate directly with other people related to your project - often the community you have started. This form of platform is designed to help people get their bearings within a project and can also provide excellent opportunities for you to explain exactly what your project is all about. It's also a place where more time can be spent looking over different topics, like the latest updates or the rules that have been set surrounding what certain groups are responsible for doing in order for everyone to stay on track.

People usually have a lot of questions about your project and so it's a great idea to help them by setting up ticketing systems or something along those lines using a Discord bot that will assist in addressing their concerns. Be aware though that having too many channels has the potential to burn you out really fast, so make sure channels are relevant. Keeping things simple is more effective.

If it works for your project, consider incorporating social media into your marketing and communications strategy as more people are communicating in real-time through these mediums. Instagram and Snapchat offer some great functionality to allow your creative team to use the plethora of options at their disposal to build a story that can be communicated through a variety of channels.

Bolstering Engagement

Events play an important role in building a strong community, fostering relationships with your members, so they become as engaged as possible. Events like weekly AMA's help users to interact and game nights are a great way to bring people together and let off some steam.

Speaking of events, there's another way you can ramp up your project’s events strategy with the help of powerful new technology. A Proof of Attendance Protocol, or POAP, is an innovative addition to any blockchain enabled event that allows attendees to prove their presence at the event on the blockchain. These custom event tokens are also non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as well, such that you could give them to attendees for free!

Creating an activity for your community is an excellent way to make sure that users have things to do and a place where they can be themselves. The use of bots doesn't even necessarily mean you need a programming background, either. There are plenty of free Discord bot options available which allow for moderation, leveling, trivia and even games such as Hangman.

Transparency and Accountability

Building a solid team will help ensure the success of your project. Loyal members and contributors are needed to ensure that they can feel at ease as they embark on this digital journey with you. To maintain transparency, one must communicate effectively with its members so that trust is present in order for them to keep building upon it. It is beneficial to have community managers and moderators both assist with keeping the community engaged, helping grow it and even provide customer support if need be.

When it comes to launch timelines, try to stay as consistent and regular as possible. Even if you're absolutely certain that any delays will be minimal, you should still supply your community with daily updates so they don't have to constantly contact you for an update on the project's stage of development. It's a good idea to let people know about the process, so they have a clearer idea of how long everything might take in advance. Also, when it comes to getting feedback, it’s best not to ignore what others have to say since this can lead down a dangerous path; allowing community members' voices to be heard is a crucial part of working on your project because this ensures your business not only has their interest at heart but also delivers quality products and services whenever it's possible. Not only will this benefit the reputation of your brand, but it'll also create a solid foundation between creator and community member.

The Internet can be a cruel and vicious place. There are no limits to the abuse people will inflict on you, if given the opportunity. It's important that you make all of your members and moderators aware of potential attacks to ensure your community remains safe. Be aware of what your Discord settings should be and ensure that everyone who has access to a moderation panel is protecting your data from any unnecessary exposure. No one can be trusted in the Internet - I repeat, trust no one!

Here are a few additional security tips to consider:

  • Be careful when clicking on links. If you click on a link to access Discord from an external site, the website may have access to your personal information.
  • By closing and reducing your direct messages (as well as any friendship requests), you decrease the frequency in which you are exposed to harmful links and phishing attempts.
  • Make sure to avoid downloading unfamiliar files that come from people you don't directly know or trust. Running .SCR or .EXE files might harm your computer.
  • Be cautious when disclosing personal information over text or voice chat. Employees of Discord or other platforms will never ask you for your password or any other personal information.
  • Be aware of possible impostor frauds. Make sure to double-check the Discord Token ID of anyone requesting access to your account. You can find this by going to your profile settings under "Developer Mode."

The topic of community building is an interesting one, and building a community around a crypto/NFT is a unique challenge. Communities like these are generally much more involved than just sending a retweet or posting a comment on Reddit. There are a few ways to build a crypto community, and the strategies mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg!

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